Want to Know Which 5 Mistakes You’re Making…That Could Be Increasing Your
Risk for Lyme Disease?

(Don’t sweat it… everyone makes these mistakes. But, knowledge is power, 
and we want to educate, inform and support you in that!)


These tiny critters can strike fear in the most courageous of people! 

But, we want you to understand that if you do get a tick bite (or suspect you have) – know your facts first! There are A LOT of myths about ticks, bites and Lyme disease.

For example – Lyme symptoms can look an awful lot like many other disease states, some of which may also be underlying. 

Also, while Lyme disease in humans can have serious symptoms and complications if left untreated, you can still enjoy the outdoors safely all year long… simply by being prepared.

with our BioHeal resource:

The 5 Mistakes That Are Increasing Your Risk of Lyme Disease

For example: do you know which essential oils act as effective repellents against all sorts of insects, including ticks?!

You owe it to yourself (and your health) to connect with a team of health practitioners who have treated thousands of complex chronic illness cases involving Lyme disease – and who can dispel all of those pesky myths surrounding ticks and bites ;)


We Are A multidisciplinary health centre, BioHeal Ottawa is an alternative for those who have become disenfranchised with their regular health care system.

We will take time to work with you to really understand your personal health story. Our naturopath services are geared to treating the root cause of your ailment with our #1 goal being to see you return to a state of vitality and health without a lifelong burden of heavy medication.

You could say that we’re health detectives who treat the cause - not the medical label!